Natural Beeswax Wraps Product Range


The Bee-ginning


My eldest son made a Beeswax wrap during a forest school lesson. This inspired me to research and develop the best processes and materials to use.

How it developed

My background is in design and product development. 

I love encouraging people to use eco-alternatives and so the wraps and make your own kits were born.

Helping my customers

Along came 2020 and the constant washing of hands.

I needed a solution to help with dry hands so developed the Beeswax lotion bars. Natural, full of essential oils and therapeutic.

Edible...while it wouldn't provide you with many nutrients, Beeswax is non-toxic and safe if ingested, making it an excellent lip balm and perfect for wraps.

Natural Beeswax products packaging montage
Natural Beeswax Products Yellow Bee

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